AMICUS-Kongress + Roadtrip

21. - 28. September 2020 | Kategorie: Jugend | Maximalteilnehmer: 16 | Freie Plätze: Genügend


Lignano, Sabbiadoro (Italien)

Thema des AMICUS Kongresses:
"When we started organising this congress we had one idea in mind. It had to be all about aou. What die you want us to address? So we asked. And your answer was clear: You wanted to dive into what it means to be follower of Jesus in the 21st Century. In other words, who are you, really? Who is the 'realyou?

It can be a challenge to stay true to or even recognize your #realyou as a follower of Jesus in an era in which Christianity is not always welcome.

the temptation can be to put on different masks, depending on where we find ourselves. We become one person at church, another at home, another at university, another at work, another on Istagram and social media... This impacts the decisions we make with regards to ourselves, our lifestyle and our relationships.
Yet what if the most satisfying thing is to discover our #realyou in terms of Jesus. After all. He is the perfect example of what it really means to be a human."

Weitere Infos findet ihr hier:


20+ (18-29 Jahre)




Alexander Vilem


Enthalten sind:
4 Tage Kongress inkl. Kongressgebühr, Unterkunft (Mehrbettzimmer 3-5 Personen), Verpflegung, Fahrtkosten

3 Tage Urlaub: Unterkunft / Selbstverpflegung

Anzahlung:70 EUR


Doppelzimmer Studierende und Nichtverdiener 125,00 €
Doppelzimmer Verdiener 155,00 €
Mehrbettzimmer Studierende und Nichtverdiener 70,00 €
Mehrbettzimmer Verdiener 100,00 €

Veranstalter und Anmeldeinformationen

Adventjugend Niedersachsen/Bremen
Fischerstraße 19
30167 Hannover
E-Mail: bianca.tiko(at)adventisten(dot)de
Telefon: 0511 3539777-72
Telefax: 0511 3539777-77





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31. Juli 2020

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